• We are here for you +49-340-8591 3527
  • We are here for you +49-340-8591 3527

Love to detail.

Whether rectangular or oval, whether a runner for your kitchen table or a king size living room carpet: WEINBAUMS manufactures custom made patchwork carpets of the finest cowhides and leathers.

We only use vegetatively tanned leathers and hides of Argentine and Catalan origin for production. Their robust surface ensures exceptional longevity even with heavy use; all carpets are reinforced with a durable non-slip underlay. Possible locations include not only living and sleeping areas but also hallways and cloakrooms. A rule: the more space you provide, the more the carpet’s exclusive design and appearance shows off to its advantage.

The shape and size of the carpets can be selected individually, the price is € 459 per square meter. All patches are sewn with high-quality thread from the Bavarian manufacturer Kupfer, a subtle decorative seam along the outer patches gives the carpet additional stability. The backs are reinforced with an exclusive Swiss-made anti-skid protection (Stamfix® by härdi). If you would like to accompany the production of your carpet, we would be happy to send you pictures in advance for consultation.

For your individual offer and further information please call us anytime at +49-341-223 223 17 or send us an email to service@gaucho-design.com.